About FWPA

The Friends of Waunakee Performing Arts was formed in January 2008. A group of arts aficionados wanted to seize an opportunity to unite and enrich the arts community in Waunakee. With our beautiful performing arts center as our home, we developed a vision for the facility and its artists. Our goal is to expand the fine arts opportunities in the Waunakee community.

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Current FWPA Officers

President – Kathy Bartling
Vice President – Jan Tweed
Secretary - Mary Krinke
Treasurer – Jan Shucha
PAC Director - Rick Braun


Contact Information

Friends of Waunakee Performing Arts
PO Box 85
Waunakee, WI  53597-0085


WPAC Front Door photo

The Waunakee Performing Art Center

The PAC is located on Waunakee HS's campus.
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Waunakee High School

FWPA is dedicated to its community

The FWPA will continuously strive to bring cultural
enrichment to the Waunakee community area.